POPAI Awards 2013: Industry Awards

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Marketing at Retail

Industry Award: Marketing at Retail Award Winner

Industry Award: Innovation Award Winner

Entry Title: Genuine Stopping Power

Entry Category: 15 - Retail Media

Entry Division:

Entrant Company Name: Cheil

With the opening of the new Samsung Experience Store (SES) in Melbourne, we were presented with the opportunity to really make a statement about Samsung the brand. But located in the refurbished High Point Shopping Centre, the shopper environment was highly competitive. Our “neighbours” included the likes of David Jones, Zara and Lululemon Athletica all of which pride themselves on the stopping power of their window displays. Also in close proximity was the latest Apple store in Australia. Consequently, it had to be impressive. It had to have that “wow factor”. It had to demonstrate Samsung’s technological innovation. And it had to encourage a definite and conscious re-appraisal of the Samsung brand by shoppers.

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Industry Award: Design Award Winner

Entry Title: Kinderino Counter Display

Entry Category: 2 - Convenience/Route Stores

Entry Division: Permanent

Entrant Company Name: Pop Impact

Strategic objectives - drive breadth of distribution and increase retailer acceptance of Kinder off location displays outside licensed events. Kinder Surprise is the #1 kid’s confectionery SKU in Australia (AC Nielsen, Grocery, Value Sales, Singles, MAT to 09/06/2013). Kinder Surprise continues to evolve and drive excitement in the kid’s confectionery category through by driving the core brand and licensed products. The distinctive Kinder Surprise iconic shaped egg has always provided stand out on shelf. The objective was to leverage the iconic shape and bring this to life with a permanent POS strategy in the impulse channel in order to drive Kinder Surprise visibility and distribution of the core brand outside licensed events. Retailer space in the impulse channel is at a premium and it was critical to maximise retail space with a small footprint and to secure distribution with an inner of stock weight.

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Shopper Marketing

Industry Award: Shopper Marketing Award Winner

Entry Title: CCA Mixxit@Home Cocktail Display

Entry Category: 7 - Liquor Retailers

Entry Division: Permanent

Entrant Company Name: id8 Studio pty ltd

Secondary Entrant Company Name: The Zoo Republic

Thanks to the popularity of shows like Mad Men, as well as the Masterchef phenomenon of creating gourmet meals and drinks at home; interest in cocktails was having a resurgence. The challenge was many drinkers didn’t feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to mix their own cocktails at home. Shopping the spirits category was already confusing and difficult to navigate, often with minimal visibility in-store. This resulted in shoppers sticking with their tried and tested favourites of beer and wine. Coca-Cola Amatil saw an opportunity to educate shoppers and in turn boost sales of both their soft drink and spirits portfolio. The key objectives: • Develop a shopper driven solution to drive larger basket sizes for key retail partners • Educate and give shoppers the confidence to make cocktails at home • Increase visibility in-store

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